Online Learning – Hillary Team

Hillary Team Online Teaching Plan – to start Term 2

In Hillary Team, all students will be able to access their learning through using SchoolTalk. They will need to log on to their SchoolTalk and then have a look at their calendar that has been set for each day, between 9am to 12pm. In order to access the content, teaching notes and other supportive resources, they will need to click on each topic/item within their calendar and read each instruction before opening the modelling book. Within each modelling book, they will see a slide which is labelled with the date and follow up activities that they might need to complete. Learners will be given instructions on whether the activities need to be completed either in a book or on the slides. If possible, students should upload their evidence onto their assigned goals each time they complete their activities, so that teachers have access to their learning and can continue with marking as usual.

If there are any problems, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your classroom teacher and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please see the general outline for learning below.
· Quick Writes with skills focus.
· Reading workshops/sessions will continue. (Once a week as per normal school rotations).
· Author studies will continue in Year 5.
· Guided Reading will be daily in Year 4.
· Spelling words will be provided each week.
· Handwriting twice a week. Place letters and sentences in Design for Learning.
· Problem Solving twice a week.
· Strategy workshops once a week.
· Two strand activities a week (Geometry/Measurement).
· Basic Facts.
Friday Fun Day:
Each week the team will develop fun activities that such as:
Week 8 Friday – Hat design for Hilarious Hat Day
Week 9 Friday – Easter Activities
We will also use the following resources over this period:
Fitness – Go Noodle/Just Dance/ Joe
Art – Lunch Doodles with Mo Williams