Online Learning – Cowley Team

Cowley Team

We will be providing work for your child’s Reading and Maths Group. There will be a range of independent activities along with must do/can do tasks that the children are all familiar with.

Writing will be whole class activities which the children can access online and work out on paper if they wish or make a copy of a slide to complete the activity on line.

Other activities that will be available are school singing, a 5 minute PE fitness activity, guided drawing activities and other activities as we find them.

Normal homework activities such as completing their daily reading, mathletics tasks and spelling words continue as normal. For the Year 3’s they can access their spelling words in the Literacy Tic Tac Toe and the Year 2’s on the  Reading Menu Slides.

Mrs Walkinshaw will continue to set reading tasks for her ESOL students which can be found on SchoolTalk at their usual session times.

Please note that you may need to support your child to access the resources and talk through the activities with them.

Your class teacher will be available via email – you or your child can email them with any questions or concerns between 9am-12pm Monday to Friday from the start of Term 2.