COVID 19 – 23 March 2020

23 March 2020

Dear Parents

The COVID-19 situation has moved quickly.

Today the Prime Minister announced that we are moving to Pandemic Level 3 and 48 hours later we will be moving to Level 4.

What does this mean for Kohimarama School and your children?

  • As of 3pm this afternoon the school is closed to all students with the exception of children whose parents work in essential services.
  • As of Wednesday midnight – the school is closed to all students and staff until further notice.

Please see, local and national news media for full details of what Level 3 and 4 means and all updates for the community as a whole.

The school will continue to communicate with you as required via eTap, Flexibuzz and our school webpage.

Supporting learning at home

Tomorrow the school will be sending you a letter regarding online learning. This will come via eTap.

Along with the work provided by the school, we encourage families to implement processes that support learning from home. e.g. fun with art, physical movement, reading etc.

Supporting your child

We have been supporting our students by providing factual information when questions are raised regarding COVID-19.   With that, there is a good video clip from Nanogirl that will help your children to better understand the virus – YouTube clip – Nanogirl.

We encourage you to continue approaching this Pandemic through factual communication as required.

At times like these our Kohimarama School values of honesty, respect, friendliness, commitment, compassion and reliability come to the fore as we support each other and those in our community as a whole.

Kind regards,
Paul Engles