School Newsletter – 2 July 2019

Term 2, Week 10 — School news, upcoming dates and notices

Upcoming Events

Bay Suburbs NetballTue, 2 Jul
Y4-8 Band 1.00 pm - 3.00 pmWed, 3 Jul
Y0-1 - Kiri Team Trip to Botanical GardensThu, 4 Jul
Kapa Haka Matariki Performance at Stonefields SchoolThu, 4 Jul
Reports Go HomeFri, 5 Jul
School Assembly 1.55 pmFri, 5 Jul
SCHOOL HOLIDAYSSat, 6 JulSun, 21 Jul
Y4-8 Band 1.00 pm - 3.00 pmMon, 8 Jul
Y4-8 Band 1.00 pm - 3.00 pmWed, 10 Jul
Y4-8 Band 1.00 pm - 3.00 pmMon, 15 Jul
Y4-8 Band 1.00 pm - 3.00 pmWed, 17 Jul
School Assembly 1.55 pmFri, 19 Jul
START OF TERM 3Mon, 22 Jul
Y4-8 Band 1.00 pm - 3.00 pmMon, 22 Jul
Y4-8 Band 1.00 pm - 3.00 pmWed, 24 Jul
Otago Problem Solving Set 4Thu, 25 Jul
School Assembly 1.55 pmFri, 26 Jul
Y4-8 Band 1.00 pm - 3.00 pmMon, 29 Jul
Y2 Cowley trip to MotatTue, 30 Jul
Y3 Cowley trip to MotatWed, 31 Jul
Y4-8 Band 1.00 pm - 3.00 pmWed, 31 Jul
School DiscoFri, 2 Aug
School Assembly 1.55 pmFri, 2 Aug
Y4-8 Band 1.00 pm - 3.00 pmMon, 5 Aug
Y4-8 Band 1.00 pm - 3.00 pmWed, 7 Aug
School Assembly 1.55 pmFri, 9 Aug
Y4-8 Band 1.00 pm - 3.00 pmMon, 12 Aug
Student Achievement Discussions 3.30-6pmWed, 14 Aug
Y4-8 Band 1.00 pm - 3.00 pmWed, 14 Aug
Student Achievement Discussion 1.30-8pmThu, 15 Aug
If you have a Google calendar you can add events directly to it via the Calendar page. For more events go to the Full Calendar List.

A Message from the Principal

Principals Sabbatical

Back in March I informed the community that I had been awarded  a Principal’s Sabbatical by the Ministry of Education for Term 3.  My sabbatical will focus on learner agency and will include a visit to Reggio Emilia to investigate their approach to play based learning.   I am attending a conference on learner agency and visiting schools in Holland and Spain and reflecting on our schools approach.

Meegan Hill and Debbie Ellery will be co-principals leading the school in my absence during Term 3.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable and relaxing term break and a productive Term 3.  I will see you all back at school in Term 4.

Term 3 – School Open Days

As outlined in the letter in June from the Board of Trustees regarding the use of devices, the school has planned consecutive open days to allow our community to be part of, and observe the learning with the children to see and understand what we do. We believe that this will be a positive, transparent and open opportunity for you to see our learning in progress. We do this within the Kohimarama Way and utilising the Kohimarama Values.

These Open Days are scheduled for Wednesday 24th July and Thursday 25th July.  Sessions will be held at 9am, 11.30am and 1.50pm. You must meet in the hall at the start of the session.   Meegan Hill and Debbie Ellery will present an overview before moving to the classrooms where you will have an opportunity to see the students engaged in their day to day work and the range of learning techniques used.  Parents/caregivers will get to see what a normal day at Kohimarama School looks like.  After being in the classroom parents/caregivers can return to the hall for a debrief of the session.  We welcome everyone in our learning community to attend and join in the days learning.

Property Works over the holidays

Thanks to the hard work of our PTA, our senior playground will be resurfaced over the term break.  This area will be fenced off and will not be available for use until the job is completed.

Interior work is also being completed in rooms 11-13. New wall coverings, carpet and vinyl will be laid and new heat pumps installed to replace the old ones.

Thoroughfare through the school will be limited over the term break while these works are completed.  Please refrain from entering these areas. If onsite please follow all the signage and directions from the contractors.

The Kohimarama Way – Reliability

This is what our students say:  “It means you can trust someone, count on them.” Tashu.  “It means being responsible to do everything you’ve been given.”  Cynthia.  “It means always making sure you do the commitments you have.” Natan.  “It means you trust someone with a task and expect them to do it.”  Jezzabella.


Uniform Shop

We are pleased to advise that retail and online purchasing of school uniform will now be available from the School Uniform Centre in Remuera effective 3 July 2019.  The benefits to families are longer opening hours, availability of stock, free delivery of online orders as well as a loyalty programme and as a one stop shop for school footwear and school bags.  Tuesday 2nd July will be the last day that school uniform will be available to purchase on site.

New Entrant Parent Information Meeting – Wednesday 3rd July 11.30am

If your child has recently started school, or will be next term, and you have not come along to our previous parent meeting, please come along and hear about the Kiri Team programme.  It is an opportunity to meet with Anne Bradley the Team Leader and Meegan Hill Deputy Principal responsible for Kiri Team.  We will be meeting in the school hall.  We look forward to meeting you and shedding light on the first year at school. This is a parent meeting and not appropriate for pre-schoolers, apologies in advance.

School Disco – Friday 2nd August

Yes, it is our school disco and we are really looking forward to it.  The theme is ….come as a movie star or yourself.  There are limitless possibilities – a real life movie star or one of the characters they play, or an animated movie start, or……  Tickets go on sale outside the school hall on the first Monday back.  $5 will purchase entry to the fabulous disco, a drink and a snack as well as the possibility of winning a prize for best dancer, best dressed and other competitions on the night.

Junior Disco = Years 0-4 @ 5.30-6.30pm           Senior Disco = Years 5-8 @ 7.00 – 8.30pm

Kids Quiz-A-Thon – payments due Wed 3rd July

The kids all did a great job with their quiz-a-thon – thanks for all of your support.

Just a friendly reminder tomorrow Wednesday 3rd July  is the final date for fundraising money to be returned:  in cash with form to teacher, or if you prefer, direct deposit fundraising money into the PTA Bank account 12-3027-0332092-00 Referencing ‘auction’ ‘child name’ ‘room number’. (If depositing funds to the PTA account, the form will still need to be returned to the teacher)

The class which raises the most money and the first class to return all of their fundraising money, will each receive a free Fruity Kanuti.

NZ Police non emergency number, 105

NZ Police recently launched a new non emergency number, 105. We’ve done this to make it easier to get hold of us in the event of non-urgent situations or ‘Things which have Already Happened’, which don’t require Police assistance immediately.

You can call us on 105 for all non emergencies, or you can go online at to report things like:

– Lost property

– Theft for a public place or car

– Intentional property damage

– Or to get an update or add info to a previous report

In the event of an emergency, always call 111 – Things that are Happening Now.

Weekly Results

House Points Update: Term 2, Week 9

Congratulations to Atkin for being Week 9 winners.

House Points for the Fortnight:

  • 1st – Atkin
  • 2nd – Selwyn
  • 3rd – Colenso
  • 4th – Patteson

Total House Points as of 1/07/2019

  • Atkin: 9009
  • Colenso: 8320
  • Patteson: 7640
  • Selwyn: 8332

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students:

  • Room 1 – Jessica M
  • Room 2 – Thomas O
  • Room 3 – Charlotte B
  • Room 4 – Sienna T, Natalie Q
  • Room 5 – Liam B
  • Room 6 – Isaac W
  • Room 7 – Forest A, Miles W
  • Room 8 – William B
  • Room 9 – Mikayla E, Zoe M
  • Room 10 – Charlotte S
  • Room 11 – Harrison W
  • Room 12 – Cathy L
  • Room 13 – Hazel C, Ashton J
  • Room 14 – Conrad C, Charlie P
  • Room 15 – Casper H
  • Room 16 – Theo B
  • Room 17 – Maddy H
  • Room 18 – Yamato P
  • Room 19 – Finn W
  • Room 20 – Madison P, Charlie B
  • Room 21 – Alicia D
  • Room 22 – Cola L, Oliver S
  • Room 23 – Maya R


Walking School Bus: 

Emily M, Maddy D, Angus W

Caught Being Good – “Greenies”

Thank you for doing the “right” thing in the playground or in our classrooms on wet days.  You rock!   Congratulations to this fortnights winners:

  • Iabella                  Room 8                for being helpful            Selwyn
  • Chad                    Room 17              for reliability                   Atkin
  • Poppy                  Room 23              for friendliness               Colenso

Special thank you goes to Southern Starts charitable trust who gave us tickets to attend the live performance of Wind in the Willows at the Logan Campbell Theatre on Saturday 13th July.  It is a fabulous opportunity to see actors in action, meet them after the performance and be involved in face painting if desired.  21 extra students were pulled from the ‘Greenie’ box and will be attending the performance.

Flippaball Results

  • Year 3/4, Kohi Kinas, 3-0, PoD Louie E  3rd Place
  • Year 4/5, Kohi Jellyfish, 1-3, PoD Team  Grade A – 2nd Place
  • Year 5/6, Kohi Narwhals, 0-2, PoD Mischa M   Grade A – 8th Place

Basketball Results

  • Year 5, Kohi Hawks,
  • Year 6 Kohi Pistons, 35-24, Aiden M
  • Year 7/8 Kohi Hornets, loss

Netball Results

  • Year 5 Kohi Keas, 8-16, PoD Isla M
  • Year 5, Kohi Bellbirds, 14-1, PoD Iksimmer S
  • Year 6/8 Kohi Flames, 26-13 win, PoD Leanne C

Well Done Kohi Pistons

The year 6 Kohi Pistons basketball team finished term 2 with an unbeaten run by winning the final against the Kings Cobras. It was an exciting match which they won. Thanks to ex Kohimarama School pupils River and Rushil for coaching the boys.

Flippa Ball

We are looking for a year 3/4 boy/girl and a year 5/6 boy to join our Flippa Ball teams. Flippa Ball gives children the option of playing a ball sport in the water. They also learn how to play as part of a team and how children with different skills can work together to achieve a goal. This is a FUN way for children to learn and reinforce skills that are FUNdamental and transferable. Please contact Aldo Coetzee ( / 0211860934)  or Nathan Coe (021908908) if you are interested or want more information.

Community Notices