School Newsletter – 18 December 2018

Term 3, Week 10 — School news, upcoming dates and notices

Upcoming Events

Final Prizegiving Assembly 10.30 amWed, 19 Dec
END OF TERM 4Wed, 19 Dec
SCHOOL HOLIDAYSThu, 20 DecWed, 30 Jan
START OF TERM 1Thu, 31 Jan
School Assembly 1.55 pmFri, 1 Feb
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A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

I would like to share with you a letter from the Hon. Chris Hipkins, Minister of Education. The letter was tabled at the Board meeting last night and commends Kohimarama School on our recent ERO review.  The Minister commends Kohimarama School Board and staff for providing a high quality of education for its learners.

This year has been a time of growth in the number students enrolled at our school. This growth is from within our zone and is continuing. The Board of Trustees and I are in dialogue with the Ministry of Education about how we might grow and enhance our school facilities to reflect the growth we are experiencing. At the commencement of 2019 we will start with 510 pupils. This is well up on the average starting number of between 455 and 475 each year.

Finding the high quality staff that we want for our students has taken some time through a climate of a severe teacher shortage. Nevertheless, we have employed staff who we know fit with our school’s strategic direction, are highly competent and effective. I am pleased to provide you with a list of the 2019 teachers and their classes, levels and teams for your reference.

Teacher Placement 2019

Room Teacher Team Year
Room 1 Mrs. Nikola Karsten (3) Mrs Emer Quinn (2) Kiri 1
Room 2 Mrs. Anne Bradley TL Kiri 1
Room 3 Mrs. Sarah Witchalls Kiri 1
Room 4 Ms. Jaymie Ford NE start Term 3 Kiri 0/1
Room 5 Ms. Clara Desousa Kiri 1
Room 6 Mrs. Joy Marshall Cowley 2
Room 7 Mrs. Sandra Stott Cowley 2
Room 8 Mrs. Anna Pryor Cowley 2
Room 9 Ms. Megan Lindsay Cowley 3
Room 10 Mrs. Carrie Mills TL Cowley 3
Room 11 Mrs. Keely Wilson Cowley 3
Room 12 Mr. Tom Viggo Hillary 4
Room 13 Ms. Danielle Flowers Yr. 4 TL Hillary 4
Room 14 Ms. Katrina Van Roon Hillary 4
Room 15 Mrs. Kirstin Hensman (3)    Mrs. Kelly Reilly (2) Hillary 5
Room 16 Mrs. Alison Snell Hilary 5
Room 17 Ms. Charissa Jansen Yr. 5 TL Hilary 5
Room 18 Ms. Candice Etzine Snell 7&8
Room 19 Mrs. Monique Browne TL Snell 7&8
Room 20 Ms. Rachelle Hall Snell 7&8
Room 21 Mr. Don Forbes Snell 6
Room 22 Ms. Kate Cadzow Snell 6
Room 23 Mrs. Kershnee Naicker Snell 6
Room 24 Mrs. Su Jacques T4 NE start Term 4 Kiri 0

Today our students have visited the classes and, where possible, the teacher that they will be with in 2019. We see this as a positive way of preparing for the next year. Each student has received a profile of their teacher to bring home and share with you.

So, as we come to our last few days of school, and reflect on the 2018 school year, we would like to thank you, our school learning community, and the contribution everyone has made to a successful year at Kohimarama School. Our strength comes from the many people supporting our children in their learning on a day to day basis.

At Kohimarama School, we are fortunate to have a group of parents and caregivers who are actively involved in their children’s learning, a Board of Trustees who provide the school with a clear strategic direction forward, a PTA who work hard to ensure that we build on our strong community presence and provide wonderful resources to support our children. I must especially thank a very committed, highly competent and enthusiastic team of teachers and staff who are passionate about Kohimarama School and our learning. Thank you to everyone for making this a wonderful place to learn and have fun together.

On behalf of us all at Kohimarama School, we would like to wish you all the best for a relaxing holiday with family and friends. I look forward to 2019 and another great year at Kohimarama School.

Paul Engles

The Kohimarama Way – Friendliness

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.”
Friendliness can mean the difference between a good day and a great day.  A smile, holding a door, letting someone through a doorway before yourself, allowing a car from a side street to pull into the main traffic flow and asking someone for a coffee, walk or afternoon tea, makes all of our days go that little bit better.


New Walking School Bus Route

We are very excited to announce that on Wednesday 12 December Auckland Transport signed off a new Walking School Bus route for Kohimarama School.  The new Walking School Bus route is the Black Bus.  The Black Bus starts at the corner of Dudley Ave and Godden Cres each day and departs at 8.20am.  It makes a stop on the corner of Godden Cres and Bongard Road at 8.25am before continuing towards Comins Crescent.  If you are interested in joining this new bus, please complete the online Walking School Bus form (

Final Prizegiving Assembly – Wednesday 19th December 10.30am, Sacred Heart College

The Kohimarama School Prizegiving Assembly is our last day of school and all our students are expected to attend in correct school uniform. It is a great opportunity for us to meet together, celebrate the year and the outstanding achievements of our students.

In order for us to get there, students are transported by their parents to and from our Final Assembly at Sacred Heart College, 250 West Tamaki Road, Glendowie. Students in Cowley, Hillary and Snell Teams will meet with their class teacher at the front of the Auditorium at 10.00am and will walk in together as a class. Kiri Team students sit with their parents, so may arrive at 10.20am.

Students in the Ensemble Band, Choir and Kapa Haka need to be at the Auditorium no later than 9.20am, as we will be having a sound check for these groups before the Assembly begins.

Car parking can be found on West Tamaki Road and Crossfield Road, plus Gate 4, which leads to a big parking area down by the pool. We expect the Assembly to finish at 12 noon, and students may be picked up from the front of the Auditorium at this time.

Stationery Purchasing for 2019

A letter outlining the 2019 stationery process will be sent home along with your child’s 2019 class placement letter on 18 December.  It will outline the options available to you.

  1. Ordering online through Officemax – The benefits of this are discounted back to school pricing, stationery delivered to your home, as well as the ability to pay class activity fees and, if you wish, school donation at the same time.  Note that this opens 7 January 2019.
  2. Through a retail outlet -Class stationery lists will be available on the school website at the start of 2019 .  Activity fees are to be paid directly to the school before school starts.

Weekly Results

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students:

  • Room 1 – Miles W
  • Room 3 – Maela B, Felicity L, Imogen P
  • Room 4 – Willa D
  • Room 5 – Nate L, Sam H
  • Room 6 – Louisa W, Varara B, Matylda R
  • Room 7 – Lachlan F, Mikayla E
  • Room 8 – Oliver S, Alisha W
  • Room 9 – Theani T
  • Room 10 – Conrad C, Liam I-M, Carter M
  • Room 11 – Liz Z
  • Room 12 – Hamish C, Lola P-B
  • Room 13 – Alyssa R, Max H, Daini Y
  • Room 14 – Lucas F
  • Room 15 – Claudio K, Beau S
  • Room 16 – Madison S, Carlos M
  • Room 17 – Riya S, Zoe S
  • Room 18 – BaiYan C, Theo R, Ivy H
  • Room 19 – Mikey L, Yamato P, Jocelyn K-W, Nya P, Lachlainn M, James C, Isabella C
  • Room 20 – Lou M, Ben W, Neil T
  • Room 21 – George S, Neve M
  • Room 22 – Benji P
  • Room 23 – Lachie S, Emma G

Caught Being Good – “Greenies”

Thank you to our students who continue to do the ‘right thing’ in the playground at break times.  Congratulations to:
  • Ethan Room 3 for Friendliness, Selwyn
  • Charlie Room 6 for Commitment, Atkin
  • Charlie Room 10 for Compassion, Atkin
  • Matt Room 21 for Reliability, Selwyn

Touch Results

  • Y3 Kohi Kiwis won the Finals 2-0, POD Ethan P and Ashton J
  • Y5 Kohi Hurricanes won the Finals 4-1, POD Cormac P and Ben W