Board of Trustees Newsletter – Term 4 2018

Strategic news and Board initiatives

The Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees’ meetings are usually held on the last Monday of each month at 6:30pm, and with the exception of some confidential matters, are open to the public to attend.

We update you on board issues with one newsletter per school term and welcome your feedback.

End of Year

Please note the end of year assembly is being held at the same location as last year – Sacred Heart College Auditorium. We look forward to seeing you there at 10:20am next Wednesday.

Achievements Against Key Strategic Goals

We are into our third and final year of our current strategic plan and are pleased to report on progress against two key goals set in 2016:

Communication has been improved with the introduction of the new website, supporting an online calendar and electronic newsletters. We have also introduced the FlexiBuzz app and Schooltalk for interactive communication. We have also consulted widely with our school community on issues such as Shaping the Future and the decision to offer uniform sales both online and in person at the school.

Retention of Years 7 & 8 Students Going into 2019 we have 67% of Year 6 students remaining at Kohimarama School for Year 7. This is up from 55% last year and 40% the preceding year – so a significant 27 percentage point increase across two years. This strategy has been so successful we are increasing the existing two classrooms to three for 2019.

Fire and Security Upgrades

The board assessed fire systems as not being at the level we wanted for safety and negotiated with the Ministry of Education to improve both fire and security systems. The resulting upgrade to the fire system also contained a CCTV component in the implementation.

Nine cameras are now operating in school with signage to advise of their presence and we are pleased this has reduced the amount of unwanted after hours nuisances.

Education Review Office

We are pleased to announce the publication of our ERO report

This was very favourable and reflects the strength of leadership, staff, students and parents at Kohimarama School. Of particular note are the connections between the Board’s strategic plan and the positives described by ERO including effective communication and challenging students while providing effective support. This report has been analysed in detail in an earlier School Newsletter so suffice it to say that we are considered ‘highly effective’ in key areas and the general direction “… affirms the school’s development priorities…” and “draw on existing strengths in high academic achievement … leadership … school culture”. The recommended timing for the next review is in four to five years which is the longest period permitted and therefore the most positive affirmation of their confidence in the School.

School Production

According to Paul Engles “From the school’s perspective the production is a very big team effort and all groups within the school contributed to making it a big success”.

Overall the production was a showcase of the abilities of our students. A particular highlight was that years 7 and 8 wrote the continuity lines linking each of the eras covered.

Property Planning

We are looking ahead to the forecast growth of the school roll and will be using this to ask the Ministry of Education to consider dealing with that growth in an earlier timeframe than previously predicted by the Ministry.

School Donations

We are pleased to see that 82.75% of parents have paid the requested donation so far this year. With further donations expected prior to the end of term next week we believe we are on track to match or exceed last year’s level of contribution. A big ‘Thank-You’ to everyone who has helped the school in this way to fund additional teachers and reduce class sizes for our children.

Staff Movements

There will be some changes to our staff for 2019 and we wish leaving staff all the best for their new endeavours and to know that they, and their contributions to our school, will be missed.

The following staff are leaving Kohimarama School to take up new positions in another school: Brittany Wong, Kim Sanson, Juliette McKelvey and Jim Dyer.

We also wish Su Jacques safe travels, as she is taking leave to spend more time with her family overseas for the first three terms next year.

We welcome to our school the following teachers: Jaymie Ford, Rachelle Hall, Joy Marshall, Kate Cadzow, Candice Etzine and Kershnee Naicker.

Thank you to Lisa Barron and Nikola Karsten for teaching in our New Entrant classes which started in Terms 3 and 4. Your commitment to the students’ learning has been greatly appreciated, thank you.

Thank You

Thank you to all our parents and caregivers who do such a great job getting our kids to school on time and ready to learn.

Thank you to the many who volunteer – sports coaches and managers, road patrol, playground duty, helping at school events, school trips, reading intervention, walking school bus, parent help, ice block selling, filing books, library help, transporting kids to music and sports etc.

Thank you to our wonderful PTA who coordinate so much and who raise not only funds but foster school community. Our school would be poorer without all of you.

Christmas Wishes

Finally, the Board would like to wish everyone in the school community a merry Christmas and every best wish for a fun and relaxing holiday season. Thanks again for all the support provided to our wonderful school over the past year. We look forward to reconnecting with pupils, families, staff and the entire school community in 2019.

The Board of Trustees, Kohimarama School