School Newsletter – 27 November 2018

Term 4, Week 7 — School news, upcoming dates and notices

Upcoming Events

Y2-3 Exploration Days - Blocks 2 & 3Tue, 27 NovWed, 28 Nov
Y6 CampTue, 27 NovThu, 29 Nov
Y5 CampThu, 29 NovFri, 30 Nov
School Assembly 1.45 pmFri, 30 Nov
Y7/8 CampMon, 3 DecFri, 7 Dec
New Entrant Parent Info Meeting 8.55 am - 11.50 amTue, 4 Dec
Y2/3 Team CelebrationTue, 4 Dec
Y4/5 Team CelebrationWed, 5 Dec
Y0/1 Zoo TripWed, 5 Dec
House T-Shirt DayFri, 7 Dec
Sports Assembly 9.15 amMon, 10 Dec
Y6 CelebrationTue, 11 Dec
Student Leader DayThu, 13 Dec
School Assembly 1.45 pmFri, 14 Dec
Reports Go HomeFri, 14 Dec
Certificate Assembly 9.30 amMon, 17 Dec
BOT Meeting 6.30 pmMon, 17 Dec
Final Prizegiving Assembly 10.30 amWed, 19 Dec
END OF TERM 4Wed, 19 Dec
SCHOOL HOLIDAYSThu, 20 DecWed, 30 Jan
If you have a Google calendar you can add events directly to it via the Calendar page. For more events go to the Full Calendar List.

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

During this year, Kohimarama School has made huge strides along our journey to transform into a future focused 21st century learning community. This was something recognised by the ERO team that recently visited our school and their encouragement has provided us with further confidence in the developments and the direction we are heading. ERO stated … ‘ERO affirms the school’s development priorities to promote equity and excellence by sustaining and building on existing good practices’.

At the heart of our transformation is embedding and deepening our students’ learner agency. If you recall, learner agency is about a student centred approach where our students take greater ownership of their learning and build a level of independence. By instilling in them the “power to act”, we are laying the foundations for them to be lifelong learners.

What We Achieved in 2018

In 2018, our children are becoming more “assessment capable”. This means they know where they are at in their learning, the next steps in their learning, how to approach their learning and make choices around their next steps.

Being “assessment capable” is a foundational piece of the learner agency journey. When students know what they need to learn, they are in a position to then be deeply engaged in how they do their learning.

How Have We Done It?

The introduction of the SchoolTalk platform enabled us to openly show students where they were currently at in their learning and their next steps. With students, teachers and whanau all involved, we are having more purposeful conversations around learning every day. Parents are closer to the learning by being able to be online with their children and see the learning first hand. Evidence posted against goals shows students, parents and teachers that they are successful.

However, the most critical enabler of the changes we have made has been our teaching staff’s willingness to embrace a growth mind-set and progress their own learning journeys. To transform the way our students learn has meant transforming the way we teach. Our teachers have been progressing their own personalised learning and development plans and we have seen a real steep change in their approach as we have coached our teachers through enquiry.

ERO stated that … ‘Leaders and teachers plan to further embed student-led learning across the curriculum. They are exploring innovative teaching and learning strategies designed to enhance children’s understanding about how they learn so that they can shape and develop their own programmes’.

What We Are Planning For 2019

With assessment capability in place, in 2019 our plan is to further engage students in how they learn through the concept of learning design.

What is learning design?

Designing learning approaches and materials has been a core part of what our teachers do every day. The learning design concept is about involving our students in that process and supporting them to take greater ownership of it.

How does it work?

A teacher would determine a clear set of learning objectives and outcomes and then invite students to be design partners in determining the context. For example, if a class was learning about explorers, rather than telling students they will be studying Captain Cook, students would be invited to suggest their own examples. Teachers and students would then design activities together that would allow them to achieve their learning outcomes.

As they work through their activities, students would use their teacher, peers and broader learning community to support their learning. The teacher essentially provides the learning scaffolding; providing the knowledge, guidance and support around the learning process, then gradually removing supports as the student becomes more autonomous.

A learning design approach encourages ‘just in time’ learning. Here a student may have to learn several levels ahead to help complete a particular task because it is something they need to know now. They may also make connections across other subjects. Their learning becomes purposeful and supports their progression through the next steps of learning.

When it comes to providing evidence of their learning against an outcome, a student may show their understanding in different ways that play to their strengths and interests. It could be a presentation, an essay, a poster and so forth.

Why is it important?

Embedding learning design takes us further on our journey to enhance the learning process in the school.  Our goal is to instil our students with a desire to achieve their very best; to have high expectations about what they are achieving and a desire to exceed against the curriculum.

As we know, when students are deeply engaged, they have higher rates of achievement and develop a love of learning. To be fully engaged students need to know the context of their learning and have the opportunity to take a different approach, giving them a sense of control. A learning design approach enables this.

We want all learners at Kohimarama School to be ‘Empowered, connected learners committed to our future’. Our Charter Purpose is to ‘instil a passion for life-long learning and for making positive contributions to society’. We are working diligently to bring these aspirations to life.

In light of the above, ERO made significant statements about our developments and the coherent approach to leading learning;

The school is highly effective at achieving equitable and excellent outcomes for all of its learners.

The school is extremely effective in accelerating learning for those learners who need this.

The board positively contributes to creating school conditions to achieve equity and excellence. The board’s stewardship encompasses both accountability and improvement functions. Trustees work strategically and collaboratively with school leaders and together they use internal evaluation very well to support ongoing school improvement.

Effective school leadership purposefully aligns resourcing and strategies to achieve improvement goals. Leaders are systematic and coherent in their approaches to developing and pursuing school goals, vision and targets for equity and excellence. They lead a strong commitment to ongoing improvement through reflection and review.

ERO Report

We are pleased to share our Education Revie Office (ERO) report with our learning community.  The report is an endorsement of the continued developments contributing to high levels of engagement and success for all our learners. It reflects the Board’s strategic approach and the schools drive to continue to innovate and create environments that meet the needs of our learners and look forward to preparing them for future learning.

I would like to acknowledge the Board, staff and parent community in obtaining this positive endorsement of Kohimarama School’s teaching and learning.

View full ERO Report on Kohimarama School (September 2018) (786Kb).

2019 Staffing Update

As we near the end of the year, we farewell two of our teaching team:

  • Jim Dyer (Snell Team) – is moving onto a Team Leader position at Auckland Normal Intermediate School.
  • Kim Sanson – has been on a fixed term contract and is not returning in 2019.

Thank you Jim and Kim and we wish you well as you continue with your teaching careers.

We are pleased to welcome Jaymie Ford to our Kiri Teaching Team.  Jaymie is a beginning teacher who will be working alongside one of our experienced teachers for Terms 1 and 2 before taking responsibility for a classroom from the start of Term 3.

We are pleased to welcome Rachelle Hall, who will be teaching in our Year 7&8 area of the school. Rachelle has completed her Bachelor of Teaching and has had great placements at Intermediate schools during her practicum times.

We look forward to welcoming both Jaymie Ford and Rachelle Hall to Kohimarama School in 2019.

School Roll is Increasing

Year 1 Entry

In the last few years, the numbers of students entering Kohimarama School has been increasing. Kiri Team has six full classes of Year 1 students in place by the end of this year. This roll increase is continuing and we are now in consultation with the Ministry of Education to plan for changes in our capacity at school.

Year 7 and 8

The Board of Trustees, management and teaching team of Kohimarama School have been working with our learning community on shaping the future of Year 7 and 8. The programme has been developed together to meet the needs of the learners and to be able to prepare our students very well for their next stage of learning. This shaping of the future has resulted in a 27% increase in those students electing to stay at Kohimarama School.

This has been a Strategic Goal, part of the Boards Charter, and over the past three years, our Year 7 and 8 classes have continued to grow.

Our roll increase has been as follows:
2016 – 40% of students in Year 6 returned to Year 7
2017 – 55% of students in Year 6 returned to Year 7
2018 – 67% of students Year 6 students are returning to Year 7 in 2019

This means that in 2019 we will have 3 classes of Year 7 and 8 students.

Paul Engles

The Kohimarama Way – Friendliness

“When you’re alone is when you can count on your friends.” – Stephen Richards
“A little spark of kindness can put a colossal burst of sunshine into someone’s day.”
F.R.I.E.N.D.S…fight for you, respect you, include you, encourage you, need you, deserve you, stand by you.


Band 2019

Thank you for the many interested students and parents who attended our Band Sign Up evening last Tuesday.  A reminder that all forms of interest in being part of our band for students in Years 4 to 8 need to be handed into the school office before Friday this week  —  Friday 30th November, thank you.

Year 7 and 8 Sailing Regatta  –  We Won!!

Congratulations to our opti sailors and their incredible feat in winning the Year 7 and 8 Sailing Regatta held at the Kohimarama Yacht Club last week. Our three sailors achieved incredibly well to win the teams event.  Their combined individual placings meant they were the best team sailing on the day.  Awesome effort! – Rowan K 2nd, Noah S 3rd and Sean K 7th (first Year 7).

Student Fundraiser for Youthline  –  Thank You!!

Thank you to all the students and staff who were involved in last week’s Wacky Hair Day.  You were fabulous – the hairstyles and creativity were spectacular.  Our combined efforts raised $965.10 to support this organisation that is there when young people need help.

2018 School Yearbook

The very popular Kohimarama School Year Book is now on sale. The yearbook is a 60 page, full-colour book and has a page featuring each class and also showcases the highlights of the academic, sporting and cultural year for the school. Prior yearbooks can be viewed at the school office.

  • Costs: Hard-copy magazine $25, Digital version $10, Hard-copy & Digital Package $30
  • Orders close: Friday 7 December
  • Distributed: 12-13 December to classrooms

Order through the Online Shop

PTA Kids Christmas Movie – Saturday 1 December

It’s our final PTA event of the year so come along and join in the fun! It’s a kids’ Christmas themed movie event in the school hall on Saturday 1st December. Pop on your santa hat or reindeer ears and bring a bean bag or cushion and get into the festive spirit!

  • For Years 0 -3 we are showing two 30 minute movies – Shrek the Halls & Merry Madagascar at 3.30pm (arrival from 3:15). Tickets are $10 including popcorn on arrival and an ice block served at intermission. Younger siblings are also invited.
  • For years 4 -8 we are showing Home Alone at 5.30pm (arrival from 5:15). Tickets are $10 and include a kids cheese pizza from Hell Pizza served at intermission. Popcorn and iceblocks will also be available to purchase (cash only).

Tickets must be pre-purchased available through the online shop or will be on sale in Kiri before school from 28-30 November (cash only).

Go to the Online Shop

Shrek the Halls & Merry Madagascar are both G rated, please note Home Alone is PG rated. You can read more about the movie and watch previews online.

Weekly Results

Touch Results

  • Y3 Kohi Kiwis won 9-5, POD Caleb
  • Y4 Kohi Tigers drew 2-2, POD Matthew S
  • Y5 Kohi Hurricanes won 8-1, POD Anesh

Flippaball Results

  • Y3 Kohi Kinas lost 0-4, POD Jacob R
  • Y4 Kohi Jellyfish won 10-0, POD Dylan P
  • Y5/6 Kohi Narwhals won 2-1, POD Mischa Mc
  • Y5/6 Kohi Stingrays won 3-2, POD Timmy C

Community Notices

Christmas Holiday Programme for Year 0 to 6
Kohimarama Presbyterian Church
34 Kohimarama Rd
Friday 21st December 2018
Full day 9.00 am – 4.00 pm $35.00
Half day(morning session)9.00 am – 12.00 pm $20.00

Prior enrolment is absolutely essential
for an enrolment form