School Newsletter – 18 September 2018

Term 3, Week 9 — School news, upcoming dates and notices

Upcoming Events

Conservation WeekSat, 15 SepSun, 23 Sep
School ProductionMon, 24 SepThu, 27 Sep
END OF TERM 3Fri, 28 Sep
House T-Shirt DayFri, 28 Sep
SCHOOL HOLIDAYSSat, 29 SepSun, 14 Oct
START OF TERM 4Mon, 15 Oct
Calendar Art WeekMon, 15 OctFri, 19 Oct
Y4-5 SwimmingMon, 15 OctThu, 18 Oct
PTA - Calendar ArtMon, 15 Oct
BOT Meeting 6.30 pmMon, 15 Oct
Y5/6 EPRO8 - 9.00am-1.00pm StonefieldsThu, 18 Oct
Greats and Grans Day 9.30 am - 11.25 amFri, 19 Oct
School Assembly 1.45 pmFri, 19 Oct
Y7/8 EPRO8 - 12.30-4.00pm St Thomas'sFri, 19 Oct
Team and NE PhotosTue, 23 Oct
Y6-8 First Aid - Block 1-3 - Rm 20Tue, 23 Oct
Y4-5 SwimmingTue, 23 OctFri, 26 Oct
Y4 SleepoverThu, 25 OctFri, 26 Oct
Y4/5 Olympic Ambassador Visit 1.45 pmFri, 26 Oct
House T-Shirt DayFri, 26 Oct
Y6-8 Sexuality EducationMon, 29 OctFri, 2 Nov
Y0-1 SwimmingMon, 29 OctThu, 1 Nov
Y6 Book Council Workshop - St Thomas' 8.45 am - 12.30 pmMon, 29 Oct
Y5 Junior Sustainability ChallengeTue, 30 Oct
Y6-8 First Aid - Block 1-3 - Rm 22Tue, 30 Oct
Y6-8 First Aid - Block 1-3 - Rm 23Wed, 31 Oct
Y5 Bike SafetyThu, 1 NovFri, 2 Nov
Y6-8 First Aid - Block 1-3 - Rm 19Fri, 2 Nov
School Assembly 1.45 pmFri, 2 Nov
If you have a Google calendar you can add events directly to it via the Calendar page. For more events go to the 2018 Calendar List.

A Message from Cowley Team

Cowley and Harold

Getting ready to meet Harold!

Cowley Team  had an exciting couple of weeks with Harold the Giraffe and his helper, Nicole.  For our topic this term, we are looking at Cycles and have been learning about cyclical nature of systems within the body and how they all fit together – such as the Respiratory System, the Circulatory System and the Digestive System. Harold came to help us with our learning.

Meeting Harold

Harold introduced us to his friend, Diver Dan, who told us all about breathing and we got to see what lungs look like and how everything works together.  Some of us got ‘x-rayed’ and we even got ’shrunk’ and put into our teacher’s blood stream to travel around the Circulatory System. We got to see how the heart pumps blood around the body and how it carries all the nutrients and oxygen!

We also investigated the Digestive System and how the organs deal with the food and drink we put into our bodies.

Nicole, Harold’s friend, talking to us about the Respiratory System and showing us how the lungs operate.

Here is what we thought and learnt…

“I learned that your brain has 70,000 thoughts a day” James.

“A grownups small intestines are 7 to 9 metres long” Sam B.

“I learned that your poos are brown because the dead red blood cells go into your intestines where all the other waste goes”- Henry N.

“Your brain sends messages all around your body”  – Theo P.

“Your lungs protect your heart’ – Katelyn K.

“I learned that your stomach is near your lungs and not down below your belly button” said Emily C.

“I thought it was cool being shrunk” – Lily C.

“I enjoyed learning about the body parts and x-raying people. I loved it when we put the stars up” – Alisha W.

“Harold is very funny. We didn’t know anything about the liver before, now we know that the liver has 500 jobs!” – Amelia Z and Claudia B.

“The red blood cells carry air” – Felix A.

“The rib cage does not protect your kidneys” – Alex G, Harley S and Tyler P.

The Kohimarama Way – Respect

“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless  you do what’s right.”  Franklin Roosevelt.
“Do the right thing…even when no one is looking.”
“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”


Bay Suburbs Boys’ Basketball Tournament 2018

Congratulations to our Year 6 boys who fought hard to make a fantastic comeback and take 3rd place at this tournament. Team members are: Lachie H, Cooper F, Mac C, Harry E, Barney B, Tim C and TJ D.
Many thanks to their coaches, Brock Fenwick & River Drefers. Also to the parents Anne, Lauren and Pete who took turns on the scoreboard.

School Assembly Cancellation

The assembly that was scheduled for this Friday, 21st September, has been cancelled due to the extra staging, etc that has been set up in the Hall for the production.

Greats and Grans Day – Friday 19th October 9.00 – 11.25 am

We are very excited to once again welcome our students’ Grandparents, elderly neighbor or family friend for our Greats and Grans morning on Friday 19th October.  We invite visitors to come to the school any time between 9.00 am and 11.25 am and visit classrooms and participate in special activities.
Morning tea will be provided at 10.00 am in the hall during the morning break time.  You are welcome to come for some or all of the morning, whatever suits.

This is the Friday before Labour Day so we are hoping this will enable Grandparents and other special older family members and friends to combine a weekend visit with a morning at school.

Final Production Update

The tickets have been selling really well and all the evening performances are now sold out. If you would still like tickets to an afternoon session you can buy them from the from the Online Shop.

Available Tickets
Monday 24 September, 1pm 107
Monday 24 September, 6pm Sold out
Tuesday 25 September, 1pm 174
Tuesday 25 September, 6pm Sold out
Wednesday 26 September, 6pm Sold out
Thursday 27 September, 6pm Sold out

Final things to be aware of:-

  • The shows start at 6.00 pm so we need all students who are performing or in the support crew to be at school by 5.00 pm.
  • Students are to be dropped off at the following rooms:
Kiri Room 21
Cowley Room 19/20
Hillary Room 22/23
Snell Room 18
  • All students are to arrive for night performances at school with their make-up on – foundation, blusher, mascara, eye shadow and lipstick. Once you have applied the make-up, please put it into a zip-lock bag with the child’s name on it – this will be used for touch-ups and returned at the end of each performance. Every child (boys and girls) on the stage will need make-up, as the lights on the night will flatten their features without it. Students do not need make-up for dress rehearsals or for matinees.
  • Please ensure any hair requirements are also done before arriving at school, eg gel and ensure that their brush and/or comb is also in a bag with their name on it.
  • Collection information – The show will run for approximately 1.5 hours so it would be good to be at school to pick up your child by 7.30 pm. Please note that no child will be allowed to leave the classroom – as stated above – without a parent to collect them. Please do not be too late for pick-up as the teachers will be out for the whole week and it will get very tiring for them by Friday.
  • Please note that if you are in the audience we ask that you see the whole show through and do not walk out once your child has finished their part in the production. It is important for all students to have a full audience and have their segment uninterrupted. On that note, however, Kiri parents not in the audience can come and collect their children from room 21 at 6.45 pm. Please come up the Office stairs and along the deck past the Office so as not to disturb performers in the hall.
  • If you have booked your tickets before last Thursday, they should have been delivered to your classrooms. If you have not received them please let your teacher know. Tickets purchased after then, will be delivered this coming Thursday.
  • Please be mindful of our neighbours and do not park over driveways.  Nobody is to come into the school grounds with a car.  This means we all need to be very patient and kind to each other.  Thanks in advance for your support.

Inter-School Speech Competition – Winner

Congratulations to Mia D who won the Remuera Cluster Speech finals.  Mia competed with 9 other schools’ finalists at St Kentigerns last week and her speech on ‘Peer Pressure’ won the judges over.  They remarked on her speech topic and the enthusiasm with which she shared it with her audience, making connections with them through her eye contact, variety of pace and using pause to bring home important points.  Major congratulations Mia.

Waterpolo Champions

Congratulations to our school Waterpolo team – the Puffer Fish – who won the competition final on Friday convincingly against St Kentigerns.  The final score was 7-2, but it was a hard fought win with spectacular commitment, determination and skill keeping themselves afloat for the duration of the game.  Thank you to their coach Ben and managers Matthew and Jen.  You were awesome boys:  Ben, Henry, James, Lachie H, Mac, Max, Mick, Monty, Sam, Sebie H, TJ and Tim.

Confirmed Ballot Dates for 2019 Out of Zone Enrolments

Application Closing Date

Wednesday 17th October 2018
Ballot Date

Wednesday 24th October 2018

Ballot forms are available from the School Office

Weekly Results

Flippaball Results

  • Y3/4 Kohi Kinas, Won 6-4, POD Jacob
  • Y3/4 Kohi Jellyfish, Lost 4-6, POD Xavier
  • Y5/6 Kohi Narwhals, Won 1-0, POD Mischa
  • Y5/6 Kohi Stingrays, Lost 2-3, POD Ben

Community Notices

Spring Holiday Fun!

.  Six awesome fun filled days of performance during the holidays.
·  Cost $55 or $40 with our bring a buddy promo – two for $80!
.  All days run from 9am – 4pm.
.  All ages from 5 years to young adults.

Click the Holiday Day closest to you for more info to book – these days quickly fill up so make sure you book today!
Wednesday 3 October, KINGS SCHOOL REMUERA
We look forward to Pforming with you!

Mission Bay Tennis Club- Holiday Coaching Clinic
Mission Bay Tennis Club is running a Holiday Coaching Clinic in the first week of the School Holidays.
Monday-Thursday from 9am-12pm.
Cost is $120 for the 4 days.
Enrol your children by emailing
Mission Bay Tennis Club- Summer Junior Membership
Register your child to become a MBTC Junior Member and receive a weekly 1 hour group coaching session after school on either a Monday or Wednesday in Terms 4 & 1.