School Newsletter – 22 May 2018

Term 2, Week 4 — School news, upcoming dates and notices

Upcoming Events

Y1-8 KOS Constable GordonMon, 21 MayFri, 25 May
Y8 HPV1 Catch-upsThu, 24 May
Y5/6 Bay Suburbs Boys & Girls FootballThu, 24 May
Y7/8 Documentary Festival 9.00 am - 12.30 pmFri, 25 May
House T-Shirt DayFri, 25 May
PTA - Working Bee - All WelcomeSun, 27 May
Dental Van in SchoolMon, 28 MayThu, 31 May
Y5/6 Bay Suburbs Football - RaindayMon, 28 May
Y7 Eastern Zone Boys FootballTue, 29 May
Y4-8 ICAS ScienceTue, 29 May
Y7/8 Documentary Festival 9.00 am - 12.30 pmWed, 30 May
Y8 Eastern Zone Boys FootballThu, 31 May
School Assembly 1.45 pmThu, 31 May
Y1-8 Imagination Experience Science ShowTue, 5 Jun
Y3 Museum TripWed, 6 Jun
Jammies in June Fundraising for Kids FirstWed, 6 JunFri, 8 Jun
Y7/8 Eastern Zone RugbyThu, 7 Jun
House T-Shirt DayFri, 8 Jun
SPCA FundraiserFri, 8 Jun
PTA Meeting 7.00 pmMon, 11 Jun
Y4-8 ICAS WritingTue, 12 Jun
ESOL Parent Information Meeting 2.00 pmTue, 12 Jun
ESOL Parent Information Meeting 7.00 pmTue, 12 Jun
Class Photos/Individual Staff and Student Portrait PhotosTue, 12 Jun
Inter-School Debate CompetitionWed, 13 Jun
Y2 Museum TripWed, 13 Jun
School Assembly 1.45 pmFri, 15 Jun
PTA - Trivia NightFri, 15 Jun
If you have a Google calendar you can add events directly to it via the Calendar page. For more events go to the 2018 Calendar List.

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

Today I must start with an apology.

I apologise that you have not been adequately informed about our Teacher Only Day which is scheduled for Friday 1 June, in good time. Although this has been a regular event, it is my responsibility to have this in the calendar and newsletter and to communicate the day as early as practicable. I understand that you need time to organise and cover child care for this day. Please accept my apologies for this omission.

Over the last few weeks we have been holding auditions for our Junior Talent Quest.  Singing and dancing are just some of the acts that we have had at the finals this afternoon. It has been wonderful to hear the excited performers talking about their acts. I have enclosed some pictures of today’s performers for your interest. I am pleased to say that the students of Kohimarama School performed beautifully and with confidence. Congratulations to all performers and especially to our finalists who performed today.

Reporting Student Progress Mid-Year 2018

As you will be aware the government has removed the National Standards as the required form of reporting against student achievement. This is being phased out throughout this year. I am writing to let you know that Kohimarama School will still use National Standards at this mid-year report. As a school we are in transition to a full report using the progressions in the NZ Curriculum and within the SchoolTalk Learning tool.

Reminder: School Working Bee on Sunday

My thanks go to the PTA for coordinating our working bee for this Sunday 27th May between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm. A spruce up and gardening enhancements are being planned. Come along and join me and members of our community in ensuring that our school continues to be improved and enhanced though all of our efforts. Thank you in advance.

Paul Engles

 The Kohimarama Way – Honesty

You know you are practising Honesty successfully when you, say what you mean and mean what you say, make promises you can keep, admit your mistakes, refuse to lie, cheat, or steal, tell the truth tactfully or are true to yourself and do what you know is right.


Excel Help

The Board of Trustees are undertaking a project to create a database of Kohimarama School’s past and present students. The first stage is to enter the students details into an Excel spreadsheet. As the school has been going nearly 100 years, there are a lot of hand-written records to input.

We are looking for volunteers with a few hours a week to spare and access to Excel who can help with data entry from home.

If you are able to help please contact Jodie at

Mega Magical Mystery Raffle

Thank you to all those who supported the Snell Team raffle.  We raised $800.00 that will go directly towards the school production.  Congratulations to the 20 prizewinners whose names were drawn last Friday at assembly.  We hope you enjoy your prizes.

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Weekly Results

House Points: Term 2, Week 4

Congratulations to Patteson for being the Week 3 winners!

House Points for the Fortnight:

  • 1st   Patteson
  • 2nd Atkin
  • 3rd  Colenso
  • 4th  Selwyn

Total House Points as at 22 May

  • Atkin: 5360
  • Colenso: 6113
  • Patteson: 5695
  • Selwyn: 4503

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students:

  • Room 1 –   Cleveland T
  • Room 2 –   Aimee J
  • Room 4 –   Jackson H
  • Room 5 –   Jack B
  • Room 6 –   Abby W
  • Room 7 –   Katelyn K, Isabella B
  • Room 8 –   Kaley P
  • Room 9 –   Lucy M, Sophia E
  • Room 10 – Jessica T, Zach L
  • Room 11 – Liz Z
  • Room 12 – Nina R
  • Room 13 – Freja E, Sam D
  • Room 14 – Theo B
  • Room 15 – Ashton C, Sami L
  • Room 16 – Audrey H
  • Room 17 – Jayden W
  • Room 19 – Sam B
  • Room 20 – Alicia H, Finn W, Noah S
  • Room 21 – Barney B
  • Room 22 – Toby H
  • Room 23 – Stella M

Caught Being Good – “Greenies”

Thank you to the many students who are using our pedestrian crossings, you are fabulous!!  Our winners this week are:

Piala-Rose     Rm 12      for using our pedestrian crossing      Selwyn
Imogen           Rm 14      for using our pedestrian crossing      Patteson
Audrey            Rm 16      for Friendliness                                         Patteson

Flippaball Results

Y3/4 Kohi Kinas, Drew 0-0. POD – Andrew
Y3/4 Kohi Jellyfish, Won 6-0. POD – Ava
Y5/6 Kohi Narwhals, Won 3-0. POD – Grace & Juliet
Y5/6 Kohi Stingrays, Lost 0-2. POD – Monty
Y7/8 Waterpolo, Lost 7-4

Netball Results

Y3 Kohi Hotshots, Won 7-2.  POD – Sofia H
Y4 Kohi Lightning, Lost 9-7.  POD – Alyssa R
Y8 Kohi Tactix, Won 21-10.  POD – Alice L

Basketball Results

Y3 Kohi Breakers, Won 6-1. POD – Carter M

Community Notices