School Newsletter – 8 May 2018

Term 2, Week 2 — School news, upcoming dates and notices

Upcoming Events

Y1-8 KOS (Keeping Ourselves Safe) Parent Evening Y0-3 7.00 pm/Y4-8 7.45 pmTue, 8 May
National Young Leaders' DayWed, 9 May
House T-Shirt DayFri, 11 May
Junior Talent Quest beginsMon, 14 May
Y1-8 KOS (Keeping Ourselves Safe) Constable GordonMon, 14 MayFri, 18 May
Otago Problem SolvingThu, 17 May
Y8 HPV1/Y7 Boostrix 11.50 amThu, 17 May
School Assembly 1.45 pmFri, 18 May
Soccer Referee Course 9.30 am - 1.30 pmFri, 18 May
BOT Meeting 6.30 pmMon, 21 May
Y1-8 KOS Constable GordonMon, 21 MayFri, 25 May
Y5/6 Bay Suburbs Boys & Girls FootballThu, 24 May
Y8 HPV1 Catch-upsThu, 24 May
House T-Shirt DayFri, 25 May
Y7/8 Documentary Festival 9.00 am - 12.30 pmFri, 25 May
If you have a Google calendar you can add events directly to it via the Calendar page. For more events go to the 2018 Calendar List.

A Message from the Deputy Principals

National Young Leaders’ Day

Zara, Alice, Max, James, Mick, Jack, James B, Zejn, Madison, Henry, Caleb, Jocelyn, Kareena, Sydney, Sam, Natan, Zoe, Isabella, Callum, Ashton, Leanne, Ana-Zara, Amelia, Elani, Matthew, Noah, Sean, Rowan

Our Student Leaders and House Captains are very fortunate to be attending a full day conference at the Vodafone Events Centre on Wednesday this week.  The theme is ‘Think like a Leader’, and we will hear from the following leaders on this theme.  Jono Naylor – who has been a Member of Parliament, mayor, guidance counsellor, youth worker, busker and gravedigger.  Lisa Tamati – an Extreme Endurance Athlete who has spent the past 25 years competing in many of the worlds toughest events and leading expeditions.  She is also an author, a mindset and running coach and she also runs four companies.  Amanda Wilson – who competes in show jumping at the highest level.  She is a director of documentaries and is one of the three sisters you may have seen on the NZ documentary “Keeping up with the Kaimanawas”.  Ruth Hathaway – who stars with her father on the kids show “Young Ocean Explorers”.  She is a passionate 17 year old ocean advocate and PADI AmbassaDiver with some incredible stories of encounters with turtles, orca, whales and sharks.

A Word on Production from the Script Writing Team

Back Row: Elani, Zara, Zejn, Front Row: Adam, Margo, Absent: Zoe, Ishani

This term students in Snell team have had the opportunity to write the production script for this year.  Those who were interested had to submit a sample story and a team of writers was selected from there. The script writing team consists of the following students: Zoe, Elani, Zejn, Adam, Margo, Violet and Ishani. Production will be a bit different this year as the whole school will be involved. It will take place at the end of Term Three and we can’t wait.

With the help of Mrs Maran and Mrs Ellery we have been working really hard and have begun the first draft!  By the end of next week we are hoping to put it out to the rest of the school to add in their scenes, so then we will be able to finalise the script process.  We have found this a harder process than we thought – but have had lots of fun! We needed to make sure that all our ideas were linked together in an organised chain of events but that still kept the audience thinking. We also found that we needed to consider the fact that it was going to be on the stage not on the screen. This will be the biggest challenge. We are all a little nervous about how everyone will respond to our script but hopefully it will be well received.

The story takes us through many musical eras, Rock’n’Roll, Pop, Disco, Charleston and the future. We can’t wait to see how the written transfers into the performance. Please help us to celebrate the arts by supporting any production activities. There will be several fundraising events and of ticket purchase. We will also require support with costumes, makeup, props and general backstage activities.

Meegan Hill and Debbie Ellery

The Kohimarama Way – Honesty

Honesty is important because it builds trust.  When people lie, or cover up mistakes, others can’t trust them.  When people aren’t honest with themselves, they pretend that something doesn’t matter when it does or they exaggerate to impress others.  When you are honest with yourself, you accept yourself as you are.  When you are honest, other can believe you.  “The first step towards greatness is to be honest.” Proverb


ICAS Testing

For students enrolled to take part in the ICAS testing, if you would like to have a look at previous years’ tests here is the link:

ICAS use letters to denote Year Levels, so here is the Test letter that relates to the Year Level: Test A = Year 4, Test B = Year 5, Test C= Year 6, Test D = Year 7 and Test E = Year 8.

Reminder when the ICAS testing is:

  • Science – Tuesday 29th May
  • Writing – Thursday 14th June
  • English – Tuesday 31st July
  • Mathematics – Tuesday 14th August

Download the new school app!

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More about Flexibuzz

Mega Magical Mystery Raffle

Snell students are fundraising for the whole school production with a Mega Magical Mystery Raffle. There are loads of great prizes to be won, including sports equipment, movie tickets, vouchers, gourmet cheese packs, a board game and more.

Tickets are $2 each and on-sale outside hall before and after school until the send of the week. The raffle will be drawn at the Week 3 assembly.

Weekly Results

House Points: Term 2, Week 2

Congratulations to Selwyn for being the Week 1 winners!

House Points for the Fortnight:

  • 1st   Selwyn
  • 2nd Patteson
  • 3rd  Colenso
  • 4th  Atkin

Total House Points as at 08 May

  • Atkin: 4932
  • Colenso: 5690
  • Patteson: 4256
  • Selwyn: 4135

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students:

  • Room 1 – Isabella H
  • Room 2 – Jensen K
  • Room 4 – Ollie B
  • Room 5 – Neive M
  • Room 6 – Arno S
  • Room 7 – Theo P
  • Room 8 – Ethan F
  • Room 9 – Adrian T
  • Room 10 – Ben L
  • Room 11 – Xavier H
  • Room 12 – Dylan P
  • Room 13 – Freja E
  • Room 14 – Chad M
  • Room 15 – Charlotte Y
  • Room 16 – Carlos M
  • Room 17 – Aljawarah M
  • Room 19 – Caleb W
  • Room 20 – Amelia M, Alicia H
  • Room 21 – Jezzabella B
  • Room 22 – Margo R
  • Room 23 – Charlotte C
  • Walking School Bus – Jenna R

Caught Being Good – “Greenies”

Congratulations to all our students who have were caught being good during their break time this week.  Our fortunate winners are:

Aimee          Rm 2          for Respect            Patteson
Mischa         Rm 12        for Respect            Selwyn
Madison      Rm 21         for Commitment   Patteson

Flippaball Results

  • Kohi Kinas (Y3-4) Win. Player of the Day: Niklas
  • Kohi Jellyfish (Y3-4) Win. Player of the Day: Matthew S
  • Kohi Narwhals (Y5-6) Win.  Player of the Day: Maddie
  • Kohi Stingrays (Y5-6) Loss. Player of the Day: Connor

 Community Notices