School Newsletter – 27 March 2018

Term 1, Week 9 — School news, upcoming dates and notices

Upcoming Events

Hearing and Vision TestingMon, 26 MarTue, 27 Mar
Bay Suburbs Swimming (Year 5-6)Tue, 27 Mar
Basketball Trials (Year 6-8)Tue, 27 Mar
Bookings Open for Student Achievement DiscussionsTue, 27 Mar, 3:00pm
Assembly (Thursday)Thu, 29 Mar, 1:45pm
Easter Break - No SchoolFri, 30 MarTue, 3 Apr
Otago Problem Solving - Part 1 (Year 7-8)Thu, 5 Apr
House T-shirt DayFri, 6 Apr
PTA Meeting (AGM)Mon, 9 Apr, 7:00pm
Kohi Beach Trip (Year 1)Tue, 10 Apr
Student Achievement DiscussionsWed, 11 Apr, 3:00pm
Student Achievement Discussions - No School in the afternoonThu, 12 Apr, 12:55pm
Last day of Term 1Fri, 13 Apr
AssemblyFri, 13 Apr, 1:45pm
Term 2 BeginsMon, 30 Apr
If you have a Google calendar you can add events directly to it via the Calendar page. For more events go to the 2018 Calendar List.

A Message from Snell Team

Snell Team has really started off the year with a bang! Students of Snell Team have quickly settled in and are already producing some fantastic work. Our focus this Term of fairness and the Kohimarama Way of Commitment have quickly shown themselves through choosing the leaders of our school and the many opportunities that have been offered in Snell Team. We also have been looking at Watersafety, with the kids enjoying and earning a certificate for our Watersafety Programme at Panmure Pools. The students of Snell Team have been working really hard and should be very proud of how they have started 2018!

Watersafety Week

This Term Snell Team has been focusing on water safety. One of the places we visited to learn more about water safety was the Panmure pools. At Panmure pools we did four rotations. The first rotation was to take off our casual clothing that we wore over our togs under the water, learn more about floating in the water and how to use flares and other types of signalling devices. The second rotation was to learn how to swim with the float and float above the water. The third rotation was to safely wear a lifejacket and fall off a boat. The last rotation was to learn how to save your partner using a rescue throw line and tubes. It was a bit cold at times but overall we had a very educational time at the Parnell pools.

By Alice L

In Week 6 we went surfing at Raglan as part of our water safety programme. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions, it was AMAZING! The sun was shining and most importantly the surf was the best we could have asked for on any day. I know for a fact that everyone in my surfing group stood up at least once which was a super successful trip.

Our last watersafety trip this Term was to Muriwai beach to participate in a Surf Lifesaving – Beach Ed course. We bussed to Muriwai beach and learnt a variety of ways to keep safe on our New Zealand beaches. We loved doing the activities on the beach where we had to rescue our partner using the life saving tubes and run them back to safety. We also learnt how to duck dive and run through the water quicker with our legs up and out to the side. We had fun body surfing waves back to the shore.

Thanks to Mrs Ellery who went down to Raglan during the summer holidays to check it out and also Mrs Maran who put a lot of hard work into organising our watersafety trips.

By Rowan K

The Year 6s have been focusing on the importance of water safety and demonstrating it within activities like sailing and kayaking. At Orakei Basin, we did a rotation. In this we had sailing, kayaking, raft building, and simply water safety. We expressed our creativity within raft building, coming up with our designs. We also learned about rips and currents. We had a blast completing these activities.

By Violet T

Year 7-8 Macbeth

This term we have been studying one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Macbeth. Macbeth is a tragedy and is about Macbeth’s ambition to become king. His desire to become king takes over his life and he starts to do whatever he can to make his dreams come true. The Year 7/8s have been studying Macbeth and the language they used during the Elizabethan era. The Year 7/8s went to the Pop up Globe in Ellerslie to see Macbeth live on stage and we were all blown away with how fantastic it was watching it live. We loved how they used stage blood to make the gory parts look so real. Thank goodness Mrs Maran and Mr Dyer told us to wear mufti or else we would have had it all splattered on us! We have really enjoyed studying Shakespeare and experiencing going to the Globe. It made us feel like we had travel back in time.

By Zara T-C


Student Achievement Discussions – Wednesday 11 April and Thursday 12 April


Please take the time this week to book your student achievement discussions which will be held on Wednesday 11th April and Thursday 12th April. Please be aware that school will finish for students at 12.55 pm on Thursday 12th April with the first interviews starting at 1.30 pm on that day. We have some capacity to supervise students in the hall where parents are unable to make alternative arrangements. It is important that your child’s classroom teacher is informed by 9.00 am on the morning of Thursday 12th April if you would like your child supervised in the hall. School will finish for students at 3.00 pm on the Wednesday.

Below are the instructions to book your Student Achievement Discussions

Please leave a gap between your interviews if moving from one class to another so you do not lose some of your precious talking time.

The booking form can be accessed via the following web address:  Click onto Event School Code—Type in 3vvp7 press enter and follow the instructions.

If, for any reason, you are unable to access this site or you experience any problems, please contact Myana at Kohimarama School Office on 99309820. Myana will be able to make an appointment time for you.


Weekly Results

Flippaball Results

  • Kohi Jellyfish (Y3-4) Loss. Player of the Day: Coco
  • Kohi Narwhals (Y5-6) Draw. Player of the Day: Annabelle
  • Kohi Stingrays (Y5-6) Win. Player of the Day: Connor

Community Notices

Parnell Trust’s April Action Holiday Programme
Fun activities every day for 5-14 year olds from 16 – 27 April. Parnell Trust has an amazing line-up of activities and adventures for the April holidays, guaranteed to keep your kids happy and stimulated all day long! Choose from two activities each day priced from $55. Especially for busy parents, you can drop your kids off as early as 7.30am and pick them up as late as 6.00 pm for no extra charge. Programmes are available at both Parnell and Epsom schools, from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm every day -perfect for working parents. See our website for details or phone 09 555 5193.