School Newsletter – 20 March 2018

Term 1, Week 8 — School news, upcoming dates and notices

Upcoming Events

Netball Trials (Year 4-5)Tue, 20 Mar
Life Saving Certificate at Muriwai (8.00am start) (Year 7-8)Tue, 20 Mar
Basketball Trials (Year 4-5)Wed, 21 Mar
Kiri Family PicnicWed, 21 Mar, 4:00pm
Netball Trials (Year 6-8)Thu, 22 Mar
House T-shirt DayFri, 23 Mar
Tiritiri Matangi Trip (7.45am start) (Year 7-8)Fri, 23 Mar
Hearing and Vision TestingMon, 26 MarTue, 27 Mar
Eastern Zone Swimming (Year 7-8)Mon, 26 Mar
Bay Suburbs Swimming (Year 5-6)Tue, 27 Mar
Basketball Trials (Year 6-8)Tue, 27 Mar
Bookings Open for Student Achievement DiscussionsTue, 27 Mar, 3:00pm
Assembly (Thursday)Thu, 29 Mar, 1:45pm
Easter Break - No SchoolFri, 30 MarTue, 3 Apr
Otago Problem Solving - Part 1 (Year 7-8)Thu, 5 Apr
If you have a Google calendar you can add events directly to it via the Calendar page. For more events go to the 2018 Calendar List.

A Message from the Deputy Principals

Senior School Leaders

This Term we have been slowly introducing you to our senior leaders in the school. We have already introduced you to our Student Leaders and our House Captains. Now we wish to introduce you to our Peer Mediators and our Librarians. We were so spoilt for choice this year and we have groups of fabulous leaders supporting us.

Top Row: Lachie, Lou, Grace, Finn, Zejn, Middle Row: Thomas, Madi, Taylor, Imogen, Adam. Front Row: Trixie, Ishani, Ella, Delilah.

Congratulations to our student Librarians for 2018. They have already begun their duties in our library and have proven to be a conscientious, friendly and willing group of leaders in our school.  As Lemony Snicket says, “A good library will never be too neat, or too dusty because somebody will always be in it taking books off the shelves and staying up late reading them.”

Thank you to Fiona Carroll, our School Librarian, for the positive way our Library is run. At 12.55pm daily our library is a hive of activity, with students involved in a variety of tasks – it is a great place to be, come visit.

Due to family circumstances, Fiona will be leaving us towards the end of the Term and we want to take this opportunity of thanking her for all the fabulous additions and activities that our Library now has because of her creativity. You will be missed!

Peer Mediators
Top Row: Griffin, Leela, Lucy, Sam, Zejn. 3rd Row: Lou, James, Dylan, Rhys, Finn. 2nd Row: Zoe, Yamato, Ben, Lukas. Front Row: Lachlainn, Siddarth, Luke. Absent: Mikey, Neil, Alexia.

Top Town Competition

This was an exciting day. The parents, who were there to support, and myself all had a great time. The activities ranges from sleigh pulling to cart hauling and water slides with hoops. So much fun. Our teams did really well on the day. The Year 3 & 4 team came fourth overall and the Year 5 & 6 team came third. So proud of all of them. Thank you to Sonia-Jane who organised the day. Enjoy this snapshot of the day.

Year 3 & 4 Team Members
  • Isabel O
  • Lucas O
  • Louis E
  • Sam C
  • Jack P
  • Josh H
  • Xavier H
  • Patrick M
  • Isaac R
  • Andrew F
  • Finn E
Year 5 & 6 Team Members
  • Charlie B
  • Sienna M
  • Charlotte C
  • Lachie H
  • Beau U
  • MacPherson C
  • Georgia M
  • Isabella F-M
  • Aidan M
  • Henry M
  • Isla M

The Kohimarama Way – Commitment

Commitment: It’s the little choices every day that lead to the final results we’re striving for.  “Commitment is an act, not a word.”  Jean-Paul Sarte (French novelist and playwright awarded the Novel Prize for Literature in 1964 but he declined it).  “There are only two options regarding commitment: you’re either in or you’re out.  There’s no such thing as life in between.”


Student Achievement Discussions — 11-12 April

Student achievement discussions will be held on Wednesday, 11 April and Thursday, 12 April. Please be aware that school will finish for students at 12.55pm on Thursday, 12 April with the first interviews starting at 1.30pm on that day. We have some capacity to supervise students in the hall where parents are unable to make alternative arrangements. It is important that your child’s classroom teacher is informed by 9.00am on the morning of Thursday, 12 April if you would like your child supervised in the hall. School will finish for students at 3.00pm on the Wednesday.

This year we are offering parents the opportunity to meet with the teacher without their child present for part of the discussion. This would mean, in your 15 minute discussion, 10 minutes would be spent together and the last 5 minutes would be between you and their teacher.  If you wish to do this, please inform your child’s teacher via email before Wednesday, 11 April.

Instructions to book your Student Achievement Discussions

Please leave a gap between your interviews if moving from one class to another so you do not lose some of your precious talking time.

Book via the following web address: Click onto Event School Code—Type in 3vvp7 press enter — then follow the instructions.


If, for any reason, you are unable to access this site or you experience any problems, please contact Myana at Kohimarama School Office on 930 9820. Myana will be able to make an appointment time for you.

Please Update your Email Details

We are moving to SchoolTalk which is an online tool that provides parents with real-time information about what your child is learning and what their next steps are. In order to accept the invitation, which gives you access to this portal, we require up-to-date email addresses.

If you have any updates you would like to make to your email, please contact You can also take this chance to add an additional family member’s email to also receive school emails and a SchoolTalk login, should you want to. Invitations for SchoolTalk will be going out early in Term 2.

AIMS Games

The AIMS Games, held in Tauranga, provide an opportunity for outstanding competitors in Year 7-8 to compete against their peers in their chosen sports. Students can compete individually or in a team in 22 different sports.

Kohimarama School would like to provide the opportunity for students to participate in 2018. It is entirely possible that we are unaware of some of our students participating at a high level in sports, especially those which are not covered at school.

These are the sports represented at AIMS: Badminton, Basketball, BMX, Canoe Slalom, Cross Country, Football, Futsal, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey (6 and 11 aside), Indoor bowls, Multisport, Netball, Performance groups, Rock Climbing, Rugby Sevens, Squash, Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Water polo and Yachting.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of including your child, please email me at Whilst the games are held Sunday, 9 September to Friday, 14 September registration closes early June.


Trials will be held for netball on the following dates & times:

  • Year 4      – Tuesday, 20 March           7.30 am
  • Year 5      – Tuesday, 20 March           7.50 am
  • Year 6      – Thursday, 22 March         7.30 am
  • Year 7-8  – Thursday, 22 March         7.50 am

Year 3 players will be automatically placed into a team.


Trials will be held for basketball on the following dates & times

  • Year 4     – Wednesday, 21 March      7.30 am
  • Year 5     – Wednesday, 21 March      7.45 am
  • Year 7-8  – Tuesday, 27 March            7.30 am
  • Year 6     – Tuesday, 27 March             7.50 am

Year 3 players will be automatically placed into a team.

Register for the School Waterpolo team!

Are you a strong swimmer? Waterpolo is one of the fastest growing sports in NZ — Lots of fun and great fitness. No experience is required, we have regular training sessions. Games are late Friday afternoons, starting in Term 2, played locally at Sacred Heart College.

If your child is interested to find out more contact

Weekly Results

Flippaball Results

  • Kohi Jellyfish   (Year 3-4) – Won     Player of the Day: Alex
  • Kohi Narwhals (Year 5-6) – Won    Player of the Day: Finn & Charlotte
  • Kohi Stingrays  (Year 5-6) – Won    Player of the Day: Monty

House Points Update: Term 1, Week 8

Year 5-8 Swim Sports were held on Friday, 2 March and the House Points have now been tallied. Congratulations to the Swim Sports House winners: Atkin.

  • Atkin: 1980
  • Colenso: 1765
  • Patteson: 1605
  • Selwyn: 1275

These points have now been added to the overall tally.

House Points for the Fortnight:

Congratulations to Atkin for being the Week 7 winners!

  • 1st   Atkin
  • 2nd Colenso
  • 3rd  Patteson
  • 4th  Selwyn

Total House Points as at 20 March

  • Atkin: 3007
  • Colenso: 2886
  • Patteson: 2639
  • Selwyn: 2328

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students:

  • Room 1 – Kupa M
  • Room 2 – Fitia B
  • Room 4 – Grace D
  • Room 5 – Blair C
  • Room 6 – Logan M
  • Room 7 – Hamish B
  • Room 8 – Aidan J, Alexa  J
  • Room 9 – Sophia U, Joseph C
  • Room 10 – Xavier H
  • Room 11 – Lucas O
  • Room 12 – Mischa M
  • Room 13 – Skye M
  • Room 14 – Xavier F
  • Room 15 – Odesa B
  • Room 16 – Beau Z, Georgia M
  • Room 17 – Lydia Z
  • Room 19 – Mohammed M
  • Room 20 – Ana-Zara M-M
  • Room 21 – Ella N
  • Room 22 – Violet T
  • Room 23 – Melody U

Walking School Bus – SummerPaul S

Caught Being Good – “Greenies”

Thank you to all our students who do the “right thing” in the playground ie. include others in their game, play fairly, make sure the teams are ‘even’, and have fun  –  you rock!

Special Congratulations to the following:

  • Sam              Rm 1              for Respect               Colenso
  • Jeffrey          Rm 2              for Commitment    Colenso
  • Ryan             Rm 2               for Friendliness       Selwyn
  • Cerys            Rm 10            for Respect                Atkin
  • Conrad         Rm 10            for Friendliness       Patteson
  • Alessa           Rm 15            for Respect               Atkin

Community Notices

Selwyn College Open Evening

Sheryll Ofner, Principal of Selwyn College, is delighted to invite you to attend our Open Evening on Thursday, 22 March starting at 6.45pm. This is an opportunity for you to learn about the strengths and performance of our wonderful school. We look forward to welcoming you.

Enrolment Days – Monday 26 March & Tuesday 27 March, 10.00am-6.00pm