School Newsletter – 13 March 2018

Term 1, Week 7 — School news, upcoming dates and notices

Upcoming Events

Pop-up Globe Trip - Macbeth (Year 7-8)Thu, 15 Mar
AssemblyFri, 16 Mar, 1:45pm
Board of Trustees MeetingMon, 19 Mar, 6:30pm
Life Saving Certificate at Muriwai (8.00am start) (Year 7-8)Tue, 20 Mar
Netball Trials (Year 4-5)Tue, 20 Mar
Basketball Trials (Year 4-5)Wed, 21 Mar
Kiri Family PicnicWed, 21 Mar, 4:00pm
Netball Trials (Year 6-8)Thu, 22 Mar
Tiritiri Matangi Trip (7.45am start) (Year 7-8)Fri, 23 Mar
House T-shirt DayFri, 23 Mar
Eastern Zone Swimming (Year 7-8)Mon, 26 Mar
Hearing and Vision TestingMon, 26 MarTue, 27 Mar
Basketball Trials (Year 6-8)Tue, 27 Mar
Bay Suburbs Swimming (Year 5-6)Tue, 27 Mar
Bookings Open for Student Achievement DiscussionsTue, 27 Mar, 3:00pm
If you have a Google calendar you can add events directly to it via the Calendar page. For more events go to the 2018 Calendar List.


Paid Union Meetings NZEI

The school has been notified that the NZEI (teacher union) has organised paid union meetings for our teachers. The meeting that will impact on Kohimarama School is being held during the day on Tuesday 20th March.

We will remain open on this day and conduct classes as normal up to and including block three. The last block will see us combining some classes to cover staff who are away. We believe that this will ensure as normal an afternoon programme as possible.

Top Schools Competition

The Top Schools Competition was held on Sunday March 11th with a Kohimarama School Year 3/4 team (4th place out of 21 teams) and a Year 5/6 team (3rd place out of 23 teams).  Congratulations, I’ve heard it was a lot of fun with fabulously supportive and encouraging parents. Certificates will be handed out in assembly on 16th March. Special thanks to Debbie Ellery, Tracey, Craig and Janine.

Netball Trials

Netball Trials for Year 4-5 will be held on Tuesday 20th March at 7.30am (Year 4) and 7.50 am (Year 5). Year 6-8 trials will be held on Thursday 22nd March, 7.30am start, all teams. Please meet at the top courts, in appropriate shoes and clothing, warmed up and ready to start. Year 3 do not need trials and will be automatically placed into a team. Parents, it is perfectly acceptable to just drop your child off. Looking forward to seeing you play next week – Sonia Drefers.

Basketball Trials

Basketball trials for Year 4-5 will be held on Wednesday 21st March at 7.30 am (Year 4) and 7.50 am (Year 5). Year 3 do not need trials and will be automatically placed into a team. Please arrive in appropriate clothing and footwear in sufficient time to warm yourselves up. Year 6-8 trials are planned for Week 9. Parents, it is perfectly acceptable to just drop your child off. Looking forward to seeing you play – Sonia Drefers.

Absences – Phone 930-9826

If your child is going to be absent from school please call the school office DDI absent line on 930-9826 and follow the prompts.

A Message from Cowley Team

Cowley Team have had a great start to the year.

We have been spending time getting to know the other children in our classes and our teachers. We have done some fun team building activities in our Cowley sports time and we have been going to Swimtastic for Swimming.

We get to do freestyle, backstroke and lots of kicking using flutter boards. We have been concentrating on breathing and using the correct arm shape when doing our freestyle. With our kicking, we have to make long straight legs.

It is super fun and we have great instructors.

Inspirational Maths

The Cowley Team have enjoyed exploring Inspirational Mathematics.  We have learnt a lot about how our brain learns and grows, and now know that making mistakes and believing in ourselves allows our brain to get bigger.  We all use Maths in our everyday lives and have learnt that there are lots of ways to solve a problem.

  • “If you make a mistake your brain will grow and your brain will get bigger. Mistakes help you learn the most.” Conrad, Austin and Carter Rm 10.
  • “Drawing it first helps you to see what it means.” Lina Rm 10.
  • “Everyone does Maths in a different way and working together you share different ideas.” Coco and Joel Rm 10.
  • “I like Maths because it gets your brain gooder at thinking.” Angus Rm 6.
  • “I liked Maths because you can learn and stretch your brain.” Scarlett Rm 6.
  • “I liked folding the shapes because it was twisty for my fingers.” Alex C Rm 8.
  • “I liked the paper challenge because I could show my parents and do more challenges.” Tyler Rm 8.
  • “We use patterns in Maths.” Sam Rm7.
  • “We used ten squares and twelve squares.” Lachlan Rm 7.

Room 11 liked learning new ideas and how, if you take it slow, you can get really good ideas.

Room 9 learnt that mistakes are powerful and that they know their brains are growing.

Weekly Results

Flippaball Results

  • Kohi Jellyfish (Y3-4) Won. Player of the Day: Matthew
  • Kohi Narwhals (Y5-6) Won. Player of the Day: Mischa
  • Kohi Stingrays (Y5-6) Won. Player of the Day: Lachie

Community Notices