School Newsletter – 21 November 2017

Term 4, Week 6 — School news, upcoming dates and notices

Upcoming Events

Year 4-5 SwimmingMon, 20 NovThu, 23 Nov
Student Fundraiser: SPCAFri, 24 Nov
Year 4-5 SwimmingMon, 27 NovThu, 30 Nov
Student Leader DayWed, 29 Nov
AssemblyFri, 1 Dec, 1:45pm
Year 7-8 Goat Island TripMon, 4 Dec
Kiri Team Zoo TripTue, 5 Dec
Sports AssembyTue, 5 Dec, 9:15am
Hillary Team Fun DayWed, 6 Dec
Cowley Team Fun DayThu, 7 Dec
Year Book Orders DueThu, 7 Dec
Certificate AssemblyThu, 7 Dec, 9:15am
Year 6 Rangitoto TripFri, 8 Dec
House T-shirt DayFri, 8 Dec
Board of Trustees MeetingMon, 11 Dec, 6:30pm
If you have a Google calendar you can add events directly to it via the Calendar page. For more events go to the 2018 Calendar List.


SPCA Fundraiser Dress Up Day

On Friday 24th of November, we are having a special day donated to the SPCA. We are able to dress up as an animal or bring a toy animal or picture. All $2 donations go to this special charity.

We have been learning that the SPCA is an abbreviation and stands for The Royal New Zealand Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals. This compliments our learning about Compassion and how animals can positively influence our lives.

Celebrating the Arts

What a fabulous evening we had a couple of weeks ago. We were entertained with the spine tingling Kapa Haka, the awesomely talented Band students and the charismatic choir!

What an array of very talented students we have. Thank you to the leaders of these groups who make it happen, Susanna Middleton-Olliver (Band), TA, Miss McKelvey, Ms Harwood, Mrs Witchalls (Kapa Haka), Bianca Porter, Mrs Maran (Choir).

Band Sign Up – Tonight @ 6.30pm in the School Library

Are you interested in finding out what is needed to be part of our school bands in 2018? Come along tonight and find out about it, plus try out the instruments we have available, plus talk to some of the students who are in the band and who will tell you what it is really like, plus hear from our Band Director, Miss Middleton-Olliver herself. See you there!

2017 Final Assembly

Our end of year Assembly will be held on Friday 15th December commencing at 10.30 am at the Sacred Heart College Auditorium, 250 West Tamaki Rd, Glendowie. This is a formal school occasion and we believe that encompasses the grandeur, formality and a special time to remember and celebrate the last year. We are very much looking forward to a wonderful end of year celebration with you all.

Athletics Day

Congratulations to all those students who participated in Athletics Day in Week 4. The points have been tallied and the winners are: Atkin!

  • Atkin: 584
  • Patteson:580
  • Selwyn: 552
  • Colenso: 481

House Sprint Dodge Ball

House Sprint Dodge Ball has also been played over the past 4 weeks during 3rd break. Thanks must go to all the students that came out to play and the teachers who have helped referee and crowd control.

  • Hillary Team winners: Patteson
  • Snell Teams winners: Tie between Selwyn and Patteson

Bay Suburbs Athletics

Thank you to all students and parents involved in the Bay Suburbs Athletics event held on Monday 20th. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions for the day. Of the 22 students we took most managed a top 3 spot at some stage in the day. A great day had by all with plenty of talent on show.

Library Books

All library books are now overdue. Slips have been given to those with outstanding books. Please ensure you bring books back as stocktake is starting next week and the library will be closed. Any outstanding books at end of stocktake will be invoiced to the borrower. Thanks for your assistance.

UNSW – Results

Congratulations to all the students who achieved significant result in these tests:


Year 4

  • Enya N – High Distinction
  • Blake B – High Distinction
  • Freddie B – Distinction
  • Harini I – Distinction
  • Sherry J – Distinction
  • Mia P – Distinction
  • Madeline B – Credit
  • Theo B – Credit
  • Thomas Mc – Credit
  • Owen M – Credit
  • Poppy M – Credit
  • Cormac P – Credit
  • Szilvi P – Credit
  • Dylan R – Credit
  • Mieke T-P – Credit

Year 5

  • Margo R – Distinction
  • Violet T – Distinction
  • Nathan G – Credit
  • Darek G – Credit
  • Ishani L – Credit

Year 6

  • Emily G – Distinction
  • Nya P – Distinction
  • Callum B – Credit
  • Sean K – Credit
  • Zara T – Credit

Year 7

  • Rowan K – Distinction

Year 8

  • Cameron D – High Distinction
  • Rubie D – Credit
  • Zoe H – Credit
  • Truman P – Credit


Year 4

  • Theo B – Distinction
  • Sherry J – Distinction
  • Mia P – Distinction
  • Sebastian P – Distinction
  • Reuben WW – Distinction
  • Lydia Z – Distinction
  • Ryan H – Credit
  • Tom Mc – Credit
  • Enya N – Credit

Year 5

  • Rory T – Distinction
  • Elden C – Distinction
  • Thomas F – Credit
  • Hadley Q -Credit
  • Margo R – Credit
  • Trixie R -Credit

Year 6

  • Emily G – Distinction
  • Te Rangiura R – Distinction
  • Sam B – Credit
  • Callum B – Credit
  • Alexandria C – Credit
  • Sophie D-P – Credit
  • Bruno D – Credit
  • Mia H – Credit
  • Sean K – Credit
  • Rohanna S – Credit
  • Oliver T – Credit
  • Finn W – Credit
  • Finn W – Credit

Year 7

  • Noah S – Distinction
  • Rowan K -Credit
  • Jung Yoon L – Credit
  • Zejn M – Credit

Year 8

  • Sean S – High Distinction
  • Blake B – Distinction
  • Bryn K – Distinction
  • Sophie G-P – Credit

Team Update from Kiri Team

Kia ora! We would like to share some of our experiences from this term, with more exciting learning to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Kiri Garden

If you enter our school through the Kiri playground, you will notice our beautiful garden blossoming with plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables. We are very lucky to have Ngaere Davies, a grandparent of one of our students, who comes each week to plant and water our special place. She is never short of helpers, and Kiri children love to help then watch the birds, bees and caterpillars in their natural habitat. Nature at its best and a positive influence for the start to the day!


Kiri Team have been having swimming lessons at SwimTastic. We have been learning to float, sink, dive, do dolphin wriggles, put our heads, face and eyes under water, and much more! Thank you to the experienced instructors, bus drivers, parents and Kohimarama School for organising the two week schedule.

The Kohimarama Way — Compassion

“The individual is capable of both great compassion and great indifference. S/he has it within her/his means to nourish the former and outgrow the latter.”
Norman Cousins

“Don’t do unto others as you would have the do unto you. they may have different tastes.”
George Bernard Shaw

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.”
Mother Teresa

Weekly Results

Caught Being Good — “Greenies”

Congratulations to all our students who have been awarded a ‘greenie’, thank you for doing the right things in the playground. Special congratulations to our winners:

  • Harry, Room 3 for being helpful, Selwyn
  • Henry, Room 10 for Respect, Selwyn
  • Matthew, Room 16 for Reliability, Patteson

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students:

  • Rm 1 – Zac C
  • Rm 2 Stephanie G, Tyler P
  • Rm 3 – Isaac W
  • Rm 4 – Harrison W
  • Rm 5 – Timofey I
  • Rm 6 – Acacia G
  • Rm 7 – Leila M, Jocelyn T, Austin R
  • Rm 8 – Joshua H, Xavier H
  • Rm 9 – Drew B, Alexander C, Hunter D
  • Rm 10 – Imogen C, Lucas F, Iksimmar S
  • Rm 11 – Thomas C, Thomas C, Natasha D
  • Rm 12 – Joao L, Philipp K, Aljouhara M
  • Rm 13 – Max A, Ryan H
  • Rm 14 – Connor R
  • Rm 15 – Mac C
  • Rm 16 – Andrew F, Nina D
  • Rm 17 – Lydia B
  • Rm 18 – Emma G
  • Rm 21 – Lachlainn M, Chase B
  • Rm 22 – Sam B, Harvey T
  • Rm 23 – Leanne C, Madison S

Walking School Bus: Cola Lu, Farrah B, Angus B

House Points Update

House Points for the Week

  • 1st Patteson
  • 2nd Atkin
  • 3rd Selwyn
  • 4th Colenso

Total House Points

  • Colenso: 8279
  • Patteson: 8204
  • Atkin: 8002
  • Selwyn: 7471

Touch Results

  • Year 5 Sea Eagles, Lost 9-2, Player of the Day: Charlie B